The purpose of Mastering is to achieve correct tonal and dynamic balance, allowing a mix to translate on all playback systems - Making it 'fit for purpose'. To deliver a fantastic sounding master from a great mix takes skill, an in depth understanding of music and the correct tools. Even with this, attention to detail and care is required at every step to achieve the best possible outcome.

At Formation Audio we’re only interested in achieving great sounding masters that evidence care and attention to detail in all aspects. This has won our reputation as a company that delivers. The proof is that our clients come back year on year. You only have to use us once to hear and feel the difference.

We're confident of our output and are always happy to create sample masters on request. For more information about mastering and critical audio analysis please look to our articles section.

Audio restoration

In the world of restoration there is only one name that can bring the best out of your old acetates, vinyl and tape formats – Cedar Audio. We aim to achieve the best in all we do and that is what Cedar Tools deliver.

We have worked on hundreds of albums over the years to bring old records and tapes back to life. If you have a project in mind, we are always happy to work on a sample of your audio to show you what can be achieved.

In recent years we've been working in conjunction with the British Music Archive to preserve, restore and safe guard many of these old recordings before they're lost forever. Those with a passion for the music of a bygone era will enjoy what this site has to offer.


Formation Audio Ltd has provided bespoke training courses to individuals and groups for over twenty years – We'll design and deliver a course or program that's right for you and your learners’ requirements.

JP Braddock has lectured and delivered modules in mastering and audio technology for a BSc hons Degree A.R.T. course at De Montfort University and Confetti ICT for over seven years. Having recently completed a set of mastering tutorials for Future Music Publishing's Computer Music Magazine (Dec2014 edition). Other clients include TecCon, Leicester College and The Old Library.

We are well placed to provided lectures / seminars on all aspect of audio production for your establishment. They can be tailored for a specific group and as in-depth or exploratory as they need to be. They'll include practical demonstrations of audio manipulation, accompanied by excellent support materials.